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Which Fizzup Goal To Choose?

Your FizzUp program offers you 5 different training protocols to suit your physical goal. The proposed exercises and training rhythms are not the same, so it is so important to choose your FizzUp goal. The coach helps you to see more clearly.


Have you decided to train with FizzUp to take care of your health and feel more fit everyday? The goal of “Getting fit” is for you, because it is not too demanding, but offers you useful exercises to improve your posture, strengthen your overall muscles and maintain your cardiorespiratory abilities. It is intended for people looking for a gentle, less demanding and useful exercise in their everyday life.

You will have less difficulty in lifting your runs, climbing stairs, running after a child or standing upright. You will no longer be breathless and you will feel better in your body.


As the name suggests, the FizzUp lens “Slimming / losing weight” is ideal if you want to lose weight. It was designed to trigger an increased intake of fats with exercises that target areas where fat is likely to accumulate. Women will find exercises that sculpt the hips , buttocks , legs, stomach or chest, while men will have effective exercises to trim their abdomen, legs, back, buttocks and pectorals .

The FizzUp coach selects Extras * according to your objective. The Extra Cardio * will therefore be carried out systematically after your muscle building session for an effective calorie consumption. No need to go for an hour to lose weight! Designed on the basis of HIIT , this Extra * encourages you to provide an intense but short effort with short recovery times to get rid of the love handles that spoil your life. You burn fat up to 48 hours after exercise thanks to the EPOC phenomenon. Just follow the instructions of the coach FizzUp to see the results within 6 weeks.

lens fizzup 02

Associated with exercises of sheathing and abs, this lens allows you to find a toned and sculpted silhouette. You will have to hang yourself, even if you do not like the cardio, because it is your only ailed to slim down durably.

Good to know:  You hesitate? You do not know if you have to start with this goal or with “Sculpt your body / muscle”? When you have a few pounds to lose, it is good to start your FizzUp coaching with this goal before switching to a pure bodybuilding goal. You must first refine your figure if you then want to see athletic results. To gain curves and curves, you will first increase your energy expenditure and then strengthen your muscles.


The goal “Sculpt your body / muscle” is the program to remember for people who want to gain muscle and who do not specifically need to lose weight. You will be led to perform bodybuilding exercises at the body weight, effective to develop your musculature in a harmonious way. With body weight training , you can not have a “puffy” effect. Your muscles are dry and protruding.

By learning to bear the weight of your body, you become stronger, more agile and more enduring. The body weight training offers you to carry out exercises called “functional” useful in your daily life, but also in the framework of other sports activities. Your sessions are longer than on another goal with longer recovery times between each exercise. You will rather work in series.

Exercises to body weight have the advantage of developing not a muscle, but several muscle groups in synergy. Your body is transformed as a whole. Your Extra Abdos * will be selected for a sturdy abdominal strap. You will also be able to perform extra Stretching * movements to restore elasticity to your muscles, which tend to stiffen during exercise.

Good to know: To gain muscle mass, it is important to respect the FizzUp training schedule, which includes days off. Your muscles need to rest to grow. If you persist in chaining bodybuilding sessions, you are preventing this development process. Other mistakes are to be avoided in order to strengthen your skills.


Looking for an effective physical preparation program? The FizzUp Goal “Being an Athlete” * is for you! Reserved for seasoned athletes, ready to exceed their limits, this program is very demanding, since it includes both cardio work and bodybuilding work with heavy body weight. Sessions are longer than other objectives. All Extras * are selected, since you have to develop all your physical qualities in order to be able to provide any sports effort.

This objective ideally complements your other sports practices. Very complete, it requires a high level of form. You develop all your physical qualities such as strength, endurance, balance, agility, strength endurance, speed, power, flexibility or coordination.

Good to know:  Never stay on the same goal. Your level of physical fatigue may increase on this goal. Do not be afraid to change your lens at the next level FizzUp to let your body recover before re-calculating later on this program. This will prevent you from falling into a vicious circle where your physical fatigue will be too important for you to achieve results.


The goal “To be muscled with material” * is aimed at both men and women who want to reveal the advantages of their figure and gain muscle mass. It allows you to get more results in terms of visible gain. It is advisable for beginners who want to get results quickly. It allows to have a massive physique.

The asset of this program is also that it allows you to target areas of the body to strengthen. It allows you to get rebound buttocks, muscular arms, protruding pecs or a drawn back. All you need is a dumbbell and a pull bar. Women will be able to use weights of 6kg and men of 8kg. The weight of your dumbbells can increase when you gain in insurance and expertise. Take the time to read the description of each exercise to avoid injury or ineffective work.

Good to know: By combining it with an adapted diet, you will quickly observe results. Use the FizzUp * nutritional guide to discover your bodybuilding menus. 80% of your results depend on the content of your plate, do not miss out on this detail that is important.

You have all the information you need to choose your FizzUp goal. Do not forget to change your lens regularly to optimize your results and change your muscular strain.

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