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Swiming With Wild Dolphin A Dream Come True

I leave Wellington and the North Island by ferry to reach Picton on the island of New Zealand 

I leave Wellington and the North Island by ferry to reach Picton on the island of New Zealand  to the small town of Kaikoura to swim with the wild dolphins on the high seas. 

At the descent of the ferry, I rush to the Picton I-site to buy the bus ticket that will take me to Kaikoura

Remember in the article about my trip to the northern island of New Zealand , I told you that I left my bus Stray to live this dream of child – Swim with the wild dolphins!

Arrival in Kaikoura, I settle down in a small hostel very welcoming to the family atmosphere, the Sky Hi Hostel . I set up my business quickly and go back to reserve my dreamed activity swim with the wild dolphins in the ocean  !

It was without counting that one is in high season and that there is no more place for the first departure of the next day at 5:30! Oops I had not foreseen this eventuality!

I explain to the employee that I must absolutely take a bus the next morning for Nelson in order to find my travel group. She suggests me to go back at 6:20 pm just before closing … maybe someone will cancel by then. I have 2 hours in front of me to think about a plan B!

I have a plan B in mind but I hope that a place has been released for the next morning. As expected, I go back to the ticket office and there … Surprise … a place was released on the boat for the next day at 5:30. I do not believe my ears. Lucky day !

My alarm clock rings at 4:30. Despite the fact that I’m not at all in the morning, I jump out of bed, grab my rucksack and head for the harbor with a decided step. I am ready for the cold and deep waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Before I can swim with the wild dolphins, I have to sign a landfill because this activity can be dangerous given that we are in open ocean.

After a few instructions, we embark on the boat and take off. As the icing on the cake, I’m entitled to the sunrise.

About thirty minutes later, we see the first husky dolphins.  We stop for a first swim in the company of these beautiful mammals. I am excited and neither one nor I jump in the water … very refreshing despite the combination. It wakes up!

And here I am in the water, singing and making funny noises in my snorkel to attract the nice dolphin who will come to swim with me. 😉

And it works after only a few minutes a dolphin swims next to me, another starts to turn all around me, there are everywhere. Wow what an amazing feeling! A unique and emotional moment, magical