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Reasons to Consider a Non-12-Step Drug Rehab

Reasons to Consider a Non-12-Step Drug Rehab

It’s time to rethink what you’ve been told about recovery.

No one likes being blamed, even if it is something they themselves did. They’ll try to wriggle out of their responsibilities to avoid the embarrassment of the accusation in many instances.

It shouldn’t be surprising then that when an addict is blamed for their addiction that they don’t feel good about themselves. Who would blame an addict when they’re already in a such a fragile state, you may ask?

Many 12-step programs do just that. They may not come right out and say it, instead framing the blame game as part of their way of helping the addict work through their substance abuse problem. Whether in alcohol or drug rehab, 12-step programs have been the norm for decades for those who want to get sober.

They really don’t work as well as they seem to on the surface, though. Instead, a non-12-step program that doesn’t assign blame to anyone is the better approach. Here’s why.

  1. There are fewer feelings of shame and isolation.

The addict may already feel humiliated enough because they’ve become addicted to drugs, as mentioned. It’s good that they’ve sought drug addiction treatment, whether they themselves decided to do it or they were convinced by concerned friends and family.

Regardless, the shame associated with their addiction may make them isolated from those same friends and family. By going to a 12-step program and being blamed and finger-pointed, the addict may isolate even further into their addiction.

At non-12-step programs, there is no blame and no finger-pointing. Instead, the goal is treating the addiction through behavioral therapy components, physical exercise and nutrition, and more.

  1. There’s less responsibility squarely on the addict.

Drugs are addictive by their very nature. Also, some people are more likely to become addicted to alcohol or drugs than others. Does that mean the addiction is solely the fault and responsibility of the addict?

At a 12-step program, the answer would be yes. Non-12-step programs like Elevate Addiction Services don’t believe that, though. An addict’s family history, financial issues, marriage problems, job loss, and unresolved childhood trauma could be some of the contributing factors to their addiction.

Lots of 12-step programs would rather assign responsibility to the addict than go about uncovering the root cause of the addiction. Without discussing those causes, an addict may get clean in a 12-step program only to turn around and start using again eventually.

  1. There are other components besides therapy in non-12-step programs.

The therapy components of 12-step programs are sufficient for some addicts, but not for everyone. At Elevate Addiction Services, we offer many forms of therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, and even group exercises and CrossFit.

Enrollees also often participate in aromatherapy, massage therapy, music therapy, nutritional awareness education, body rejuvenation therapy, meditation and yoga, and mindfulness.

  1. There’s a holistic approach to sobriety and wellness.

The above activities are just some of the ways that Elevate Addiction Services administers holistic care. Unlike 12-step programs, which only home in on the physical state of sobriety, holistic care also treats the mind and the spirit.

An addict’s mental health is incredibly important. Underlying issues, like those mentioned above as well as undiagnosed mental health issues like depression and anxiety, can sometimes lead to or exacerbate addiction.

Not only that, but through outdoor therapy, physical exercise and better nutrition, and relaxing yet rewarding activities like mindfulness, art therapy, and yoga, an enrollee at Elevate Addiction Services will get care for their whole self, mind, body, and spirit.

Those who are tired of 12-step programs and are ready to try a different kind of drug addiction treatment should consider Elevate Addiction Services. Our holistic, non-12-step program methods of sobriety have no blame, no finger-pointing, and no 12-step modalities.

We provide both inpatient and outpatient rehab as well as interventions and holistic withdrawal in the Northern California area. To learn more, call us today.