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Morgane: Devloving Your Mind With Fizzup

When you start to train on FizzUp, you determine a specific goal before you discover that what you get out of it far exceeds what you expected

When you start to train on FizzUp, you determine a specific goal before you discover that what you get out of it far exceeds what you expected. It is the story of Morgana who found how to develop his mind with FizzUp. No more sports activity frightened her and she now knows that the only thing that can stop her comes from within. She cultivates her inner strength so that she has no restraint.


A little more than a year after I stopped and tried different programs at home without real motivation, I chose to resume, and that’s where I came across the FizzUp Transformation Challenge offered by Staff FizzUp. Without the taste of the challenge, I think I will not have arrived! I stumbled upon it a little and I thought, “Why not me? “. I first thought about it, because it really frightened me. Having fixed goals, having to respect and follow training with regularity and eating in a balanced way seemed to me as many constraints that I was not sure I could hold. And if others achieved their goals and not me, how will I live it?

Small stroke of pressure , very useless in the end! Those 12 weeks went on at a crazy pace, and the more weeks went by, the happier I was. The FTC group and my entourage were not for nothing either. It is very encouraging to have people with whom to share and motivate.

My first goal was to feel more comfortable in my body and the second to be able to practice outdoor sports such as hiking or skiing with greater ease. With FizzUp, I’ve won everything! First, I learned to appreciate my body more, but especially (and ultimately that’s the most important thing) I saw my mind change.

Every day, I learn to appreciate the present moment, and to surpass myself ever more. I know that my efforts, my challenges, my goals are less for some and much for others, but I know most of all that what matters most is my personal feelings. Every victory as small as it is, it is mine. And this is worth gold!


At the end of the three months with the FTC, I chose to continue FizzUp and still be active on the band, because we have to weave a real bond! A true team spirit was created. Next to FizzUp, I wanted to discover or practice other sports. I bought a mountain bike with which I have already made beautiful sports rides. I also started running what I had tried a thousand times before, but this time I forged a mind (almost steel). I have understood with FizzUp that the beginnings are never simple, but that pleasure comes with time.

As I said a few lines above, I love sports in the wilderness. As I enjoyed the race (over time), it became obvious that I had to test the trail so recently I tried. A REVELATION ! I have more than adored the mixture of sensations that the race brings by surpassing oneself and nature by these splendid landscapes. I can not wait to go back. In the meantime, I will continue to combine FizzUp sessions and outdoor sports. I hope that the skiing season will start again, I will be able to progress thanks to my best physical condition which by then will have evolved I hope.

To summarize, I wanted to lose weight, I lost, but it is not even what I retain from experience. It is my vision of things, my mind, my optimism that have changed. That’s what I won, my reward. I come out of the experience. I learned about myself and about others too. That opened my mind. It’s easy to develop your mind with FizzUp so you do not have to brake anymore. Thanks to all the FizzUp team for allowing me this great experience!

Like Stéphanie or Émilie , Morgane discovered a new field of possibilities. Developing your mind with FizzUp is done over time, but guarantees to discover new sensations and new happiness. There is no time to give up! Morgane awaits you for a FizzUp session …