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Marion: Her Opinion On Meditation Fizzup And Her Online Sports Program

The Meditation FizzUp  

The Meditation FizzUp  has made its arrival in your favorite sporting application, an additional opportunity to do you good and act in favor of your personal fulfillment. Marion, FizzUp Staff member and first time user, gives you her opinion on FizzUp Meditation and explains what the Full Consciousness Meditation associated with her FizzUp program has brought her.


In a fast-paced world where our screens show what a perfect life and person should be, it is not always easy to step back and find out who we really are, or at least who we are. want to be. I started FizzUp from its launch in April 2015. I was then a student in Literature, part a year in Erasmus in Rome.

This year is certainly the most beautiful experience I have had of living, so rich it has been in encounters, adventures, discoveries and teachings. Only drawback, I received a gift less enthusiastic: 12 kg more! I led the great life, savoring every Italian specialty. Unfortunately, the Roman dishes include fried dishes or often very caloric. Pizza, gelati, pasta, suppli and other delicacies were part of my daily life. Little by little, the pounds have accumulated without my being aware of it. I used to run 1h / 1h30 every weekend, my deviations far exceeded my caloric expenditure. I was astonished trying some clothes: “Here, this t-shirt has to shrink in machine!”. Beautiful excuse! I had especially doubled in volume and my wardrobe had become too narrow.

So it was a little before returning to France that I decided to take myself in hand, completely demoralized by this new physical appearance. I tested FizzUp without great enthusiasm, before giving up for a while.

A few months after my return to France, I had always set aside my FizzUp program, devoting myself entirely to my final thesis and my theater practice. Courses at the Conservatory, rehearsals and performances often ended very late. I never had the motivation to cook and I took everything that easily passed me: kebab, Mcdo, prepared meals, sandwiches … So to say that I still had not regained my initial weight. I was more and more affected by my condition. I hated myself and I avoided to look at myself as much as I was sickening. An enormous misfortune had seized me. We had to react!


In August 2016, I decided to take the sport seriously. I’ve always been sporty. As a child and a teenager, I did dance, tennis and basketball. I have always loved the sports of sliding. In winter, I was on skis and in summer, I was making my windsurfing debut. Studies have somewhat disrupted my sporting habits. Sport, for me, must above all be synonymous with pleasure and escape. The mountain is really my sports environment of choice. I do a lot of hiking, because I cut completely with my daily and resource myself in an exceptional setting.

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FizzUp appeared to me to be the right compromise to regain confidence in me and get a more toned body. I trained more diligently before I discovered a position proposal within FizzUp. I postulated at the end of September 2016 and since then I have been working alongside the Staff. We train together every two days in the FizzUp Box. FizzUp is now part of my daily life and allowed me to lose 8kg. I gained tonicity, cardio and muscle capacity, especially at the level of the arms, which have always been my weak point.

Staff FizzUp offered me to preview the FizzUp Meditation. I started with curiosity. I was very excited by this idea: linking the body to the spirit seems so essential to me. If one does not go, the other either.

As FizzUp meditation sessions became, I quickly became aware of the incessant flow of negative thoughts that overwhelmed me in a long time. Unable to disconnect! I was always in the interpretation of what was happening to me and in the projection. The practice of the Meditation of Full Consciousness helped me to take a new look at the events and to step back. This was a real relief, as I always struggled not to be in control. I also learned how to de-dramatize. Anxious by nature, I found a way to get rid of stressand to calm my nights. I do not hesitate to listen to a FizzUp meditation session as soon as the pressure rises. On days when I do not train, I listen to a meditation session on my FizzUp application and I act on my mind, waiting to be able to act on my body. I found a true balance of life. At work, it allows me to regain the energy and the distance needed to be effective. I advise FizzUp to all people stressed and determined to take a fresh start, because this application allows to do well both physically and mentally. You will not be disappointed !

With my new physical condition, I also have new sports goals: I would like to get serious about ski touring, which means being able to climb to the top of the summit thanks to the strength of my legs and then chain with of off-piste descents without being diminished. Enjoy the ski season!

Your health is not waiting. Launch your FizzUp application to lead an intense and active life. Marion gave you his opinion on Meditation FizzUp: follow his example. Magali , Philippe or Alice also tell you their story about FizzUp.