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Keep your web application secure from all the threats

Safeguarding Your Business’ Web Application – Harnessing the Benefits of Penetration Testing

Computer technology is and will continue to be extremely beneficial for numerous businesses around the world. However, it has also come with some shortcomings.

The biggest shortcoming of computer technology is vulnerability to hacking. Hackers who get access to your computer system can not only expose your sensitive data but also commit acts of sabotage, but most of the times they seek to extort some money from you. 

A Growing Problem

Hacking attacks have become commonplace all over the world. As recently as June, 2017, a ransom ware attack which was shown to originate from Ukraine spread to over 64 countries worldwide and affected over 12,000 machines and thousands of companies and businesses.

Although the hackers were just interested in money, they ended up causing devastating effects including leaking business data and grounding operations in many hospitals across the UK. It also affected operations in many airports, hence disrupting lives and everyday operations on a global scale. In fact, it pitted two super powers against each other as Russia blamed the U.S. for facilitating the attack.

This case gained popularity because it occurred on a global scale. Businesses and companies like yours get their computer systems hacked all the time, and in some instances you may not even know it. Hackers often make away with data that is used by competitors to overtake companies, thus crippling them or even destroying their reputation among clients so much that they cannot recover.

Preventing Attacks

Considering the dire consequences of getting hacked, it is prudent to stay safe and prevent these hacks rather than mitigate the risks. However, can you be sure about the reliability of your firewall and other security measures? To determine this, experts recommend penetration testing.

Penetration testing is basically a simulated attack on a computer system. The attack is undertaken to determine just how secure the computer system is. It looks for weaknesses from the system’s interior as well as its exterior. If the simulated attack is successful in any way, then the weaknesses of the computer system are noted and addressed to deter any real attacks.

How Does Penetration Testing Work?

Penetration testing relies on two methods: software applications and manual penetration. It also follows a certain process undertaken by most hackers.

Pen testing starts with some reconnaissance. Here, the hacker basically sets out to know the necessary information about your business. This information may vary depending on the hacker’s motives, but it mostly involves confidential data and financial information. Once the hacker has the necessary information, he/she proceeds to scout your computer system’s security and identifies any weaknesses. .

Since the goal is to simulate and understand a real hacker, penetration testing utilizes real hackers for hire. Don’t worry though as these hackers are ethical and professional. These hackers are computer scientists who are extremely good at their work and dedicated to stopping the runaway hacking crimes. That said, you will still retain the final say of how the testers go about their business.

Penetration Testing Options

As mentioned, you can dictate the manner in which penetration testing of your business’ computer system is carried out. This will depend on the quality of services you desire, of course, as well as your willingness to share sensitive information about your business.

There are five options when it comes to penetration testing:

  1. Targeted Testing

Targeted testing is the most basic form of pen testing. In this option, the testers will work hand-in-hand with your company’s information technology team to identify any weaknesses in your computer system’s security. It is more like a comprehensive analysis of your security systems.

  1. External Testing

Hacking does not entirely involve sitting behind a computer and manipulating wireless networks. In some cases, the hackers may require access to servers that hold all of your sensitive information. External testing targets visible components of your computer system including web, email, and domain servers.

  1. Internal Testing

Internal testing emulates the basic approach of most hackers. In this option, the tester gets equal authorization and access levels as your employees and uses this information to attempt hacking into your computer system.

This test is mostly conducted to deter attacks from the inside – disgruntled employees may take out their frustrations on your business by compromising the computer system’s security. The information provided is seen as a would-be stepping stone for employees trying to gain unauthorized access to data.

  1. Blind Testing

Blind testing is similar to internal testing except for the fact that the tester is provided with minimal information and virtually no authorization. The information provided should not aid the tester in any way – in fact, the tester just needs to know the company’s name and plan everything from there.

Blind testing is undertaken to deter attacks from hackers who are not necessarily your employees.

  1. Double-Blind Testing

Double-blind testing is meant to assess the level of your company’s alertness and preparedness. Only the most relevant people are informed about the test – this may be the company’s CEO and other individuals at the top management levels. The tester is then asked to hack the system, and the individuals in the know assess the IT team’s response to the attack.

Secure Your Web Application – Get in Touch with Stickman

Without a doubt, penetration testing is the best way to secure your web application. If you are in Australia and suspect that your web application is prone to attacks, then take the necessary measures and get in touch with Stickman Cyber Security. Stickman has a team of the best white-attack hackers in Australia, and it has a proven record of enhancing businesses’ IT security. Stickman penetration testing will ensure that all your online applications and platforms are beyond the reach of hackers, hence ensuring the smooth running of your online businesses.

Stickman’s penetration testers are professional and ethical, so you don’t have to worry about your information’s privacy. They are also experts at cyber security, and if any weaknesses are found they will boost your system’s security and leave it much better than they found it.