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How to make the most of multiple postpaid connections

How to make the most of multiple postpaid connections

You can use multiple postpaid connections on your own phone, or club together your family’s postpaid plans to save money. Sounds confusing? Read on.

You would be hard pressed to find many people today who do not own a mobile phone. Whatever your age or standing in life, owning a smartphone with a reasonably priced postpaid plan is quite possible for all.

In fact, some people may also have multiple postpaid connections. It might happen quite by accident – some companies offer a work-based phone, in which case you might carry two separate phones. But generally, having multiple postpaid connections can prove to be beneficial if you use them right. These are two ways in which multiple postpaid connections could be advantageous:

#1 If you have two postpaid plans on a single phone

Most smartphones today have dual SIM capabilities. This means that you can operate two SIM cards in one handset, and maintain both equally easily. Besides, you have the freedom to choose to take two different postpaid plans from two different service providers. Most people follow this practice, where they use a lower priced plan for their office contacts and casual acquaintances. The other postpaid plan can be used for your social, personal and business use the way you want.

But having two different postpaid plans from the same mobile service provider is even better. The provider can offer you a free connection if you take one plan from them. For instance, Airtel postpaid plans offer one free add-on connection when you buy its Rs 799 plan. This is an excellent option if you wish to segregate your work life from your personal one.

#2If there are multiple postpaid plans in the family

It is possible that two or more of your family members have postpaid plans from the same service provider. Most families tend to take postpaid and prepaid plans from the same network provider. If this is true in your family’s case, you can club all the postpaid plans together under one family plan. Airtel provides this facility.

You can club all the postpaid plans together under one single umbrella plan by adding family members in three easy steps. All you need to do is add your family members’ phone numbers on the myAirtel app under ‘Family Banner’. Airtel sends a confirmation SMS to each added member – once they confirm their participation, the single family plan is confirmed.

The advantage of clubbing all postpaid plans under one family plan is that you can save up to 20% on all mobile bills every month, apart from sharing the Internet with the family members and pay a single bill for multiple connections. So tracking usage and managing the account also becomes easier.