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How Our Lives Have Change By Practing Fizzup As A Couple

The coach FizzUp never tires of discovering your inspiring itineraries. He is now celebrating a motivated couple,

The coach FizzUp never tires of discovering your inspiring itineraries. He is now celebrating a motivated couple, Cindy and Alexander, who are presenting their physical transformation and explaining why the FizzUp sessions as a couple allowed them to change their lives.


Hello Team FizzUp! I am Cindy, I participated in the FizzUp Transformation Challenge with my companion Alexander. I wish to share with you this experience that we have experienced together and that we are transformed. Alexandre and I have been together for 8 years. He has always been a sportsman. He has practiced for many years tennis and many other sports. As for me, I have never been a sportsman. I do not like sports . In college and until recently, I was overweight and suffered greatly. Alexander and I met and years passed … Alexandre continued these different sports activities while I gained weight.

Two years ago, we left everything: work, apartment, family, friends … We decided to leave behind the “classic” life to live a year in Australia. At that time, we were determined to do us good. We did a lot of hikes, we worked hard to see our bodies turning. And it worked! Alexander lost 12kg when I lost 5. We had a great year that made us regain confidence in our bodies. Losing weight seemed to me impossible before and for the first time in my life, it became a reality. The real happiness ! Alexander began to take muscle and carve a silhouette of which he, too, had always dreamed.

And then the return to France arrived … We found our friends, our families, but especially the French gastronomy! And there, it was the drama … Happy to regale us at the table, I resumed 7kg and Alex 5. We were disappointed but our living environment no longer encouraged us to spend and have a good sports balance as food . We had to react! We said, “Let’s get back to sport! “. That’s when we discovered the FizzUp Transofrmation Challenge: a bargain! This challenge was made for us. We had the pleasure of being selected and starting a new sporting experience.


Well, we must admit that initially we were looking for a miracle solution without much belief. We therefore followed the advice and recommendations of the coach FizzUp without showing any great determination. Yet one morning we had a click through the FTC group. The other participants sent pictures of their result and we were surprised to discover their transformation so fast. Within a few weeks, some members of the group had already lost weight. I thought that if they could, I could.

Alexandre, for his part, was all the more motivated to follow the program and encouraged me as it should. The sports couple has many benefits. Together we were stronger.

The FTC group has been a real source of motivation and support. Even today, we continue to encourage and exchange in a sporting way. During these 12 weeks, everything was not easy. I have experienced ups and downs, but thanks to FizzUp and Staff, I am no longer overweight today , which is the most precious gift in my eyes. I lost 12kg and the 13th is in progress. I had a taste for sports, something unthinkable until then! I learned to love my bodyand to listen to him. As for Alexander, he lost weight and his muscles were drawn. It is therefore all the more motivated to continue its momentum! With this new body and mindset, we decided to immigrate to Canada. This has taken up a lot of our time and energy, but we are committed to keeping the sport in our lives and maintaining a good diet. We are more motivated than ever!

Many thanks to FizzUp !!! Our lives have changed radically and without this program nothing would have been possible!

Cindy and Alexander are successfully pursuing their FizzUp adventure like Alexandre and Amandine . Practicing on FizzUp as a couple has allowed them to consolidate the bond that unites them and to achieve their goals together. It’s time to motivate your half to follow you during your FizzUp session!