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Healthy tips on breast feeding your little one!

Healthy tips on breast feeding your little one!

Breast feeding is nothing new for mothers. In fact, it is healthy and a much better alternative for those who have just given birth. Breast milk is full of nutrients, hormones, and cells that match all the chemical make-up of breast milk. In case you are a newly turned mommy and are looking for some healthy tips on breast feeding, take a look at some of the best tips and ideas we have enlisted for you.

  1. What to know about breastfeeding

The first milk is called colostrums which is filled with vitamins and protein that actually protects your baby. The milk is concentrated because your baby’s stomach is small and it cannot drink a lot in one go.

  1. Looking after yourself

Eating healthy meals and staying hydrated matters a lot when you are breastfeeding your little one.  When your baby feeds, make sure to get yourself a snack and something to drink as well. If the nipples are tender, ensure that your baby is latched to your chest properly. A nurse could also help you with this. Achieving a comfortable technique may not be easy at first but it will happen if you try. In case your breast gets swollen, use cold compresses. They will decrease swelling and improve warmth and gentleness.

  1. Healthy reminders to abide by

The first thing you should remember is to stay miles away from smoking cigarettes. Alcohol and drugs are also harmful to your kids. Secondly, you will end up losing some weight in a case during pregnancy so make sure you have enough energy to produce extra breast milk. Also, make sure to eat healthy. This is also very important during this stage.

  1. Enjoy time with your baby

Holding your kid stimulates your senses as a parent. A smile who is smiled it is spoken to will easily develop a sense of security compared to a baby who doesn’t get any of this. Breastfeeding is essential for little ones as it gives them the nutrients it needs. Breastfeeding provides more than just physical growth and has various nutrients your kids need. So make sure to enjoy the time you have with your kid.

  1. Foods you should eat while breast feeding

Oatmeal is high in nutrition and a must for lactating mothers. It reduces cholesterol, regulates blood pressure and increases the supply of milk as well. Garlic is also considered highly in most vegetables and can add more deliciousness in vegetables and various other dishes. Experts believe that it also increases the supply of milk. Another food item not to miss out during pregnancy is carrots. It contains beta-carotene which is perfect for lactating mothers. So don’t be afraid to go for some of it!

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