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EQ Love, Organic Sun Cream And Non-Toxic To The Seabed

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I wanted to let you know a French sun cream 100% natural, totally ethical access on the well being and therefore ideal for your travels. It’s my little favorite, I have already tested on the summer and I embark with me this winter, candle and protective oils. I present a beautiful brand of beauty totally lifestyle, EQ Love .

This is the story of Franck Bywalski, a surfer traveling enthusiast, in love with his planet and rather visionary who decides in 2011 to create products for surfing practitioners. He creates an innovative concept around wellness and sun protection and decides to commercialize non-ecotoxic products for coral and marine environment-friendly with innovative solutions in terms of components.

EQ Love is born! This certified organic label Ecocert and Cosmebio , exudes the sun, sand and salt. It offers a range of products ranging from sunscreens, to perfume fragrances with scented candles and incense, to body and hair care with SPF 50 lipsticks tinted, perfumed but also oils to sublimate the tan and milk after sun, with silicone earplugs to avoid unpleasant noises under water, going through the sport range with yoga mats. No products have been tested or tested on animals and the products used are totally natural.

As an indication, it is necessary to know that some UV filters that are found in our sunscreens kill micro algae, these algae that live in harmony with the corals. Consequently, these corals bleach and die within 48 hours. Be aware that every year 16,000 to 25,000 tons of sunscreens are used in tropical areas and about 6,000 tons of sunscreens are released each year on corals! That is why we must be responsible and change our behavior. The report is alarming, within 20 years, 50% of the coral will disappear! This disappearance will upset all this diversified fauna and modify the marine ecosystems!
√ Cost of a sun cream SPF50 19.95 euros .
The only downside: the protection cream index 30 has a good texture, smells very good but I find it a little white when spread on the skin … Summer I have the skin dull and it shows immediately on my tan!

On the other hand, I am quite addicted to EQ Aroma because their candles give me every time I want to escape somewhere and invite me to travel. It is an olfactory experience through enchanting scents conducive to escape and discovery!
Maldives it is an invitation to the island rest bathed by effluvia of Tiare flowers suitable for calm and serenity.
Bali combines the sweetness of vanilla with the strong and imposing character of patchouli, reflecting the cultural diversity of the many islands of the Indonesian archipelago.
Costa Rica revisits the intensity of green vegetable notes from the depths of virgin, refreshing and authentic forest.
Biarritz reveals notes of hot chocolate spiced up with red pepper, black pepper and cinnamon for a gourmet break between two sessions of surfing.

They are made in France from 100% vegetable wax and possess varied scents: floral, country, spicy and gourmet. I tested the Maldives which breathes the monoi, the sun and the holidays, just perfect for relaxing …