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Car Accident Legalities: When Should You Sue?

Car Accident Legalities

Getting into a car accident can be stressful. Not only will you have to deal with insurance companies and the other driver- medical bills might stack up, and worse- you cannot use your damaged car. It leaves you at a disadvantage as there are bills that need to be paid, as well as accounts that need to be settled. At this point, you may ask yourself when you should sue? Deciding on when is the right time is no easy feat- read on to help you determine when it’s time to sue or not.

When is the right time to sue?

Take note that the standard insurance process doesn’t cover everything; sometimes they can’t cover other expenses like medical bills. There are also several instances where the other driver doesn’t have proper insurance of his own, and depending on the circumstance, you might shoulder his expenses as well.

The fact of the matter is, some insurance companies will settle the claim as early as possible to be able to avoid additional expenses of the accident. That’s why some people choose to sue the other driver instead. But do you really have to do it?

Document everything 

One vital element in lawsuits and insurance claims? Proper documentation. Make sure to document every little thing from pictures of the accident, property damage and medical bills, as well as the lost amount of time that you were unable to go to work. Having this kind of pertinent information helps you determine how much damage it cost you. Furthermore, how much will you further be expecting in terms of expenses?

Seek legal counsel from a car accident lawyer 

You might be thinking about settling things through a lawsuit or an insurance claim. That’s where you need to have an experienced attorney to help you with your case. He/she would help you with the negotiations, give you valuable advice that is pertinent to your case as well as make sure that you received the maximum amount that is rightly due to you. An experienced car accident lawyer who specializes in the field of auto accidents and is an expert in handling auto accident disputes is required.

The final verdict

Before coming to a final decision, consider these other factors:

Yes, insurance companies can be an advocate for you, however, be wary that some will get away with what they can to save as much money as possible on their end.

Totaling all the expenses that the accident has cost you is one way to make sure that you are getting paid for the total costs. Consider missed work salary, property damages, medical bills, lawyer’s fees, etc. Take into consideration non-economic losses as well as emotional damages, stress, pain, and suffering. The general rule is if you received well below your total estimated damages and costs, then, it’s the time to sue.

In summary

In deciding whether to sue or not to sue in a car accident, think about all the economic losses as well as the pain and suffering you went through. If your insurance claim is not enough to provide for your total damages and injuries, then it is time to think of suing.