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Advice To Better Finance The Restart Of The Backlog

Advice To Better Finance The Restart Of The Backlog

Capeb, the FFB and the French Banking Federation (FBF) have reached an agreement to “answer the practical questions of craftsmen and the very small companies on the financing of the activity, in the phase of recovery of order books”. The resulting practical guide is available on the FBF website .

A recovery phase is far from simple to negotiate financially for a VSE of the building. “The business cycle of companies in this sector is particularly long: the gap between the expenses to be incurred on a construction site and the actual payment by the customer generates a significant cash requirement, which the company must finance through adapted solutions “, observes the FBF in a press release. “It is therefore a matter of encouraging the craftsmen and the VSEs of the building to speak as soon as possible with their bankers to seek together the possible financing.

Here are some of the tips in this guide to fund the resumption of activity:

  • Reduce the time lag of payments received: “For example, you can review the time for paying bills with your customers, and deal with delays by relaunching your customers for faster settlement”
  • Match the dates of some disbursements with those of your receipts, over periods corresponding to marked lags
  • To obtain cash credits (authorized overdraft and cash lines)
  • Use the tools of mobilization of professional debts (factoring, discount, Dailly line)
  • Dialogue regularly with his banker so as to be able to anticipate to the maximum: “The sooner you have come into contact, the better you can look for solutions together”