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5 Habit That Hurt Your Mental Health

Lack of physical activity plays on your fitness level and mental

Lack of physical activity plays on your fitness level and mental. The more sedentary you are, the stronger your negative emotions are. Force yourself to move: take the stairs as soon as you can, carry your own shopping and walk for short distances. Your FizzUp program is also a significant asset for good mental health. Why ? Because physical activity activates hormonal secretion. Serotonin, dopamine and endorphin allow you to feel at ease in your body and head. You feel more relaxed, more serene and a much better mood. A 20-minute FizzUp session allows you to forget for a while your concerns of the day and focus solely on your well-being. A relaxing moment that has no price!

You consider that sleeping is a waste of time and you constantly back down the time to go to bed? If sleep needs differ among individuals, too short nights are synonymous with irritability, lack of concentration and loss of attention. What to spoil a day and weaken your mental health!

You may not know, but the cells in your brain need about 8 hours of rest per day to renew properly. Lack of sleep causes the premature death of certain brain cells, resulting in this feeling of fatigue and bad mood that assails you regularly. In short: sleeping more is not an option, but indeed an imperative! Make sure you go to bed at the same time each night, well before midnight, to make sure you get it right. The longer you sleep, the better.

On weekdays or even weekends, you are constantly overwhelmed and never have a minute to devote yourself … Not knowing how to rest or to make oneself generates a constant stress and all the more difficult to evacuate! It is urgent to think of you, but for this it is essential to be organized. Procrastination is, in fact, the worst enemy of your well-being.

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Organizing your daily life helps to avoid those feelings of anguish and discontent that you sometimes feel, by dint of putting everything back on the morrow. If you set up a schedule of tasks for the next week, and you motivate yourself in order to overcome it, you will gain self-confidence. Better still: being better organized will allow you to find time for you. A few minutes of reading, a hot bath, a Meditation FizzUp * session are all activities that will benefit your mental and physical health.

Computers, tablets, smartphones: you spend your days in front of screens and in the evening, notifications from various social networks continue to bring you back to the keyboard, to the detriment of your attention and concentration. This hyper connectivity prevents you to appreciate the moment and start conversations real. You have the feeling of being always waiting or being a prisoner of external solicitations.

Learn to cut with the screens and social networks that eat your time so precious. Decide for example that to spend a certain time, you no longer see your emails or no longer respond to other solicitations.

You never take the time to cook ? You eat ready-made, high-fat meals without your interest in their nutritional impact. Result? You feel soft and flabby. The fat may settle and your morale seems to be at its lowest. Not to mention the sweet breaks that you agree to comfort you at the moment, but that reduce your confidence in you once the pounds installed …

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Treat the contents of your plate with the help of the nutritional guide whose dietary advice allows you to take a good foundation to get rid of the few pounds that spoil your life or this decreasing morale. By eating fresh and unprocessed foods, you are acting on your mood. Promote foods rich in omega-3s such as sardines or oilseeds that boost your neurons.

By monitoring the nutritional impact of your diet, moving more and focusing on a healthier lifestyle on a daily basis with FizzUp, you have every chance of regaining your well-being and being in agreement with yourself again . Boost your mental health and finally find the pleasure of living in harmony with yourself, simply!