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5 Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Female Friend

So, it’s wedding of your best female friend and you’re stuck on the topic of what to gift, right? You’re not alone. This is a classic dilemma for almost every boy who has a close female friend getting married. But fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to get your answer. In this article we’ll take a look at 5 best wedding gift ideas for females, so you can gift one of them to your friend on her wedding. Let’s jump into it:

  1. Gift Cards: A gift card is one of the best and simplest things that you can gift to your female friend. It works because a gift card can be used to purchase anything, so your friend can purchase any gift that she wants to purchase with it. All major online shopping sites including Flipkart and Amazon allow users to create the gift cards or vouchers that can be shared with others.
  2. Jewellery: A Caratlane gold chain, ring, necklace, earrings or any other jewellery item can show your female friend how much affection you have for her. You can easily find gold jewellery in market for less than or around 5,000 INR. If you want to go on the expensive side, you can consider diamond jewellery as well. In terms of styling you can find some good designs according to preferences of your friend, or you can gift some personalized jewellery item if you want to gift something unique. There’s no dearth of variety in the price range or styling options when it comes to jewellery.
  3. Jewellery Box: There’s a very good chance that your sister will get plenty of jewellery on her wedding, so she will also need some sort of arrangement to keep all of it safely. If you wish, you can help her with this particular requirement by gifting her a jewellery box. A nice jewellery box will have more than enough space to keep a couple of jewellery sets, delicate areas for keeping standalone gold chain or necklaces and a well crafted design.
  4. Watch: Coming to the side of accessories, a wrist watch is one of those rare gift items which are loved by almost all girls. The only thing tricky about this item is to get the watch style right, as there’re plenty of styles in the market that your female friend won’t like. If you can figure out this thing, however, and come to know precisely what type of watches your friend likes, then there’re a ton of awesome wrist watches available online for purchase. Once you know what type of watch you want, you’ll be able to find it very easily.
  5. Clutch: If you want to gift something that’s neither too costly nor too affordable then a nice bridal clutch is the answer. They come in many different price ranges, but for a price tag of around 1,000 INR you can find some very awesome bridal clutches online. There’re many ethnic clutches also available around this price range, and there’s a good chance that your female friend will certainly love a clutch from at least one of these categories.

Do you have any other gift ideas that may be loved by females getting married? If yes then share them in the comments, and also share your thoughts about our above given list of gift ideas for your female friend(s).


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