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2017 Will Be The Year Of Letting Go

The year 2016 has passed

The year 2016 has passed at full speed, so much so that your rhythms have soared to reach highs: congratulations to all! That’s it, we are in 2017 and I wanted, with all the FizzUp Staff, to wish you an excellent year. More than ever, the personal balance will be based on the alchemy of the body and the spirit, which is why I propose that you place the year 2017 under the sign of letting go.

Modern society pushes us to be perfect, to want to control everything, our emotions, our image, our relationships, and so on. Letting go is by definition the opposite of control, but be careful that does not mean dropping everything, or losing interest in the world around you. Letting go capitalizes on self-confidence to free oneself from constraints! Sport is a way to develop self-confidence and letting go is built on the confidence gained through sport so that you can experience life with a new, lighter, more serene look. The body and the mind constitute the necessary binomial to elevate the inner being to happiness.

We must start from an observation: to think continuously about a problem is totally ineffective. On the contrary, to detach oneself from a persistent problem, allows to take a step back and allow time for the brain to bring out solutions: here is a beautiful example of letting go. In other words, letting go is fully compatible with action, but the action must be different or deferred.

There are different points to work to let go-effectively, here are the most concrete actions:

  1. Abandon your need to be right: let others explain their point of view and admit mistakes;
  2. Stop trying to control everything: leave yourself more freedom, as well as to others;
  3. Be positive: free yourself from your negative thoughts;
  4. Do not criticize: Focus on the qualities of people;
  5. Do not try to impress others: the more authentic you are, the more interested you are;
  6. Push your limits: unfold your wings to fly as high as you can;
  7. Do not resist change: change is the key to change;
  8. Detach yourself from the past: live in the present, for life is a journey and not a destination;
  9. Quit your fears: fear is only an illusion you have created;
  10. Stop wanting to please: perfecting your image is an exercise that totally alienates us to another than yourself, whereas your wealth lies in your personality and your singularity.

Whatever you do, know that sport is a catalyst to let go, provided that your physical activity is not controlled, but guided. That is why sport must always be a pleasure, not a quest for performance or competition. FizzUp draws its values ​​and its singularity in this positioning: make you move to live better.


The sport will allow you to accept yourself as you are and reveal all your potential to boost your confidence in yourself. We are all different, and we all have within ourselves an inner richness, a singularity that makes our greatness.

FizzUp has the responsibility to help you reveal your greatness. To do this, we work with passion to offer you the most advanced online sports coaching experience possible thanks to short training, adapted to each and that do not require equipment.

In the last few months, we have offered you many new products to greatly improve your sporting experience:

  • Of new training programs  : we changed the program planning to make them shorter. We also worked on the variety of training to make each session unique.
  • New exercises: more varied and more complete sessions are now available to boost your motivation.
  • New warm-ups: more complete and more playful, they put you in condition before getting into the heart of the matter.
  • Of new Focus programs * You can now work all areas of the body in addition to your basic coaching.
  • A new goal : the new goal “To be an athlete” has appeared, it is a concentrate of everything that is best on FizzUp.

You will understand that all sports content has been updated lately, to your delight. But that’s not all, mobile applications have also evolved a lot:

  • A new welcome screen : color and beautiful images, the new welcome screen highlights our ambassadors and ambassadors.
  • The Nutritional Guide: you can now directly consult the FizzUp recipes in the application.
  • The Premium Motivation Pack: If you have any doubt about the execution of a movement, shoot and correct your posture.