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The Cheese Route of Savoie For a Weekend

The Cheese Route of Savoie

For many years, the vineyard regions have offered their wine routes to discover the under-lands of their terroirs. For a weekend, we take you on the Cheese Road of Savoie . A trip around Annecy and its lake, between the massif of the Bauges and that of the Aravis. Let 's discover the know - how, amidst

Where to stay in las Terrenas? At the Viva Wyndham V Samana Hotel

Samana Hotel

Welcome to las Terrenas , a small fishing village discovered in the 70s by Frenchmen who came to the Dominican Republic to seek exoticism and tranquility. Today las Terrenas has become a lively village, a landmark for expatriates, where boutiques, bakeries, French supermarkets and more or less trendy restaurants are concentrated. It is here that we